Pastors Conferences

Serving the Body,
so the Body can serve.

This isn’t just a catchphrase or slogan but the key driving principle Alive In The Spirit works diligently at every year.  For the past 20 years Larry and Judy have been going to places around the world where pastors from local national churches need pastoral training and even theological teaching.

These pastors conferences are hosted by Alive in the Spirit at the invitation of a national pastor. The participants come from a network of pastors and is open to any who are eager to dive deeper into the Word and learn pastoral skills.  Besides the teaching Alive in the Spirit provides the accommodations, meals and travel for the pastors that attend.

Around the World

In each one of these places local pastors gathered for three days of training and preaching.  The vast majority of these pastors have had no Bible school training, and some do not even have an entire Bible from which to preach.  But, their enthusiasm and commitment are second to none and they are doing great things for the Kingdom of God.

How you can help

Alive In The Spirit covers the expenses for these conferences with donations from people like you.  You can directly support this ministry effort with a gift of any size.  Click the link below to give so pastors can be taught, trained, encouraged and loved.

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