A Brief History of
Alive In The Spirit

A Call from God

Alive In The Spirit has been the tool Larry and Judy Frick have been using for the better part of 50 years to serve in ministry in a wide variety of ways.  They have been open to going and serving in some of the most desperate places on earth.  Alive In The Spirit has seen much accomplished during its effective ministry, here’s a glimpse into it’s storied history.

While in Bible College in 1967 Larry was sitting in a chapel service.  On this occasion he had an undeniable experience with God.  During this time he distinctly heard God give him a call to go and minister in the British Isles.  A call that forever changed the course of his life.

Larry and Judy married two weeks after his graduation in 1968 and 2 weeks later they went to Europe and began their ministry. God opened up a myriad of opportunities for them to serve and minister.  Those days tuned out to be the laying of the groundwork for their return in a few years.  Sometimes a call can follow a waiting period, but it’s no less of a call.

During the waiting period to return to the British Isles Larry and Judy were actively ministering as they followed the will of God.  This period included time as a missionary in Africa, youth pastor and pastor.  All of it leading up to the return to the British Isles in 1976.

God opened many doors of ministry and did miraculous deeds in sending and establishing Alive In The Spirit.  The call upon Larry’s life was to teach on the role of the Holy Spirit and His activity in ones life.   This message created unexpected opportunity and was shared to a very diverse audience.  Larry would have meetings in churches on the weekends in a wide variety of denominations.  Really wide.  God was doing an amazing things. As the ministry grew Alive In The Spirit began to hold annual conferences some of which drew over 10,000 participants.  Larry and Judy were part of a great movement God was doing.  But, as with all things, change was inevitable

Larry and Judy, and their two sons, moved back to the US in pursuit of what God had in store next. Larry accepted a pastorate and spent the next 20 years pastoring 3 different churches. Then in  2001 they were launched into Oslo International Bible College in  Oslo, Norway. For 13 years they taught students from many nations. Then the Lord opened the ministry doors to hold pastor conferences around the world.

For the past 20 years Larry and Judy have been involved deeply with several orphanages and hosting pastors conferences.  Alive in the Spirit has hosted conferences in Kenya, Uganda,India, Thailand and Vietnam - for a total of 24 countries.  Each conference draws hundreds of pastors for several days of teaching, Bible study and much needed encouragement.  

Looking back and recounting accomplishments is great.  But, Alive in the Spirit is looking forward to the opportunities as God will direct.  These are exciting times and Alive in the Spirit will willingly go where the need is great.  

How you can help

Alive in the Spirit needs your support.  Your prayers are vital and much appreciated.  BUT- with your financial support the reach can multiply.  We humbly ask you to consider making a donation so this ministry can continue to teach and reach.  The need is great and you can help.

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Alive in the Spirit has been ministering for more than 4 decades.  Follow the link to an archive of ministry newsletters to learn more.

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